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You can take the wolf from the wild, but not the wild from the wolf.

Faolan Rowe
30 December 1984
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I'm Brandi Faolan Leigh Snyder.I'm married to a one "VoidBeast" who is a USAF Airman. I'm a poly theistic spiritualist.Not religious. I don't sacrafice babies..nor do I slaughter animals. I'm tattooed and pierced. I play at being an artist..I can't afford to live off of it..nor do I think I am good. This journal...covers all of my self.. I'll talk to anyone about anything.Keep in mind I do have the freedom to say no. By reading my journal..you agree that this is my property..and all things said are writings..and that it is personal context. I vent, I scream, I often talk about sex and violence. There is also a happy and geeky side to this journal.I'm researching horseshoe crabs.There was my geek moment.